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Since they grew up for such a brutal and barbaric sport, they adapted. They are very loyal dogs. But there were and are pit bulls … There are over one hundred years of breeding to make the ultimate fighting dog. Get your own webpage at Pet Expertise and earn free dog gear as you direct your clients to the products you recommend! Again, dog aggression in the pitbull should not be viewed as a fault or problem. No - Pit Bulls are not naturally aggressive toward humans. Just like with humans, a little respect can go a long way. Due to the APBT strength and tenacity, when there is an incident, the results can be more detrimental. Are pit bulls aggressive? All of these breeds have a history of being used in dog fighting and bear baiting, which lends credence to their reputation as "aggressive." And, hopefully, people will come to the realization that dogs (and humans, and...) must be evaluated more as individuals, not as groups. Let’s take a few minutes and examine how people come to this conclusion. Because of the move toward banning pit bulls in many communities, rescue organizations are tending to screen for aggression toward both humans and dogs very carefully. OC. If you bore them or leave them freely roaming the place, they will look for something where they can make good use of their large teeth. The original chart also shows many much smaller breeds. Are Pit Bulls Naturally Aggressive Toward People? Some pit bulls were selected and bred for their fighting ability. Regardless of the mixing of different APBTs lines, you still can have an American Pit Bull Terrier that retained a trait to target smaller animals. Pit bulls are notorious, so people often will identify an aggressive dog as a Pit bull when the breed is not truly known. I've certainly seen boxer crosses that would fit most people's image of a pit, and I used to own a pit cross who looked and acted like a Duck Tolling Retriever. This study came from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and was released in 2009. Before APBTs were used for dog fighting, their ancestors were used in various “pit sports.” Dog owners would place multiple animals in a pit with their dogs and would time which dog could kill the most in the shortest period. Once a snowball starts rolling down a mountain it’s hard to stop it from turning into a huge boulder. It's certainly not universally true; I'm fostering a pit bull right now who's very good with other dogs, and I've known plenty of others who were similarly reliable. Usually it’s animal aggression but occasionally they have turned on their owners or neighbors. In general, pit bulls aren’t aggressive with people but are “less tolerant” of other dogs than many other breeds, says Pamela Reid, PhD, vice president of the ASPCA’s Animal Behavior Center in … A dog that would turn around and bite would not be used for breeding as it was a very undesirable trait. Dog Scared of Fireworks or Thunderstorms? Note that pit bulls and their closest relatives (highlighted in pink) rate very high in all forms of aggression, especially dog aggression. They need to ensure that the pit bulls they are adopting out are model citizens in order to reduce the societal prejudice that's currently out there. I've personally been bitten by 5 or 6 dogs, and none of them looked remotely like a pit bull. Experts attribute this negative trait to years of interbreeding the most aggressive dogs for dog fighting. A dog can appear and act aggressive when experiencing high levels of pain or weakness. Pit Bulls Aren’t Just Not Aggressive, They’re Exceptionally Sweet Dogs. Be it towards their families or strangers, they’re always going to be smiling and welcoming anyone. Pit Bulls are unusually gentle dogs and make very good family pets. Generally, pit bulls have a high level of energy and love to explore different places. The pit bulls are, however, considered as an aggressive breed. When the American Pit Bull Terrier was being bred as a fighting dog in the mid-1800’s until the widespread practice was banned, aggression toward humans was not tolerated. They are known to turn on other dogs and animals even ones that they are raised with. It’s amazing the unspeakable things that humans can do to American Pit Bull Terriers and the have the fortitude and love of people to bounce back. But there were and are pit bulls bred specifically for dog fighting. Even though American Pit Bull Terriers were never bred to be human aggressive, you must be sure of the dog’s history and apply proper training and socializing techniques you learn from an expert. APBTs were also bred for other tasks involving farm work, companions, etc. They also have a great concern for learning, which is perfectly complemented by a their tendency to obey. When the American Pit Bull Terrier is bred for fighting you have a “fighting dog” when these fighting dogs are bred with each other the traits are passed on. It should be understood to encompass American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Pit Bulls are actually very loyal, … That means that they may be more likely than other breeds to fight with dogs. Fortunately, Pit Bulls aren’t aggressive at all. If she feels the person she sees as a lower status “gets out of line” this could be as simple as taking something from the dog, or touching her at will, this is another reason to make sure that an American Pit Bull Terrier is socialized as a puppy. Pit bulls have been bred specifically to be aggressive. When you're around frolicking pit bulls, my advice is to sit down quick. And unfortunately these loving animals overcrowd shelters. The other day, the large doggo has done some crazy teeth work on my cousin’s bike tires. A Guide To Owning A Pitbull For The First Time, The American Pit Bull Terrier Temperament. This article will explore the levels of dog aggression and give you a few tips on how to handle dogs at each level. Pit bulls, like these in Oxford, Mississippi, arouse strong passions. Sometimes? They are very curious in nature and try to sniff everything on their way. Aggression from fear is not a trait specific to American Pit Bull Terriers. It’s possible that an APBT could be animal aggressive, especially to smaller animals. The findings show that pit bulls were unduly aggressive towards other normal dogs, generally those they are not familiar with. However, the concern that pit bulls are aggressive toward other dogs can't be easily dismissed. I remember having a dog since I was a child. Any viciousness displayed at a sanctioned UKC event could cause the offending dog to be ejected from the venue. Are Pit Bulls Naturally Aggressive With Other Animals? Let’s talk about that. One of the most frequent questions I get asked by dog owners is, "What do you think about pit bulls?". We tend to think that pit bulls are naturally aggressive, but nothing could be further from the truth. Like people, dogs have their individual personalities and can’t be judged by an all or nothing viewpoint. The Pit Bull is likely to meet all strangers with an open heart and a wagging tail. Some states and cities have acted on the research: The state of Maryland has determined that pit bulls are \"inherently dangerous\" and all owners are liable for any injuries they cause, according to the Baltimore Sun.Even the U.S. Army has acknowledged that pit bulls are high-risk dogs; they are therefore prohibited in some military housing units.Pit bulls join several other breeds on the list of dogs that are recognized as more likely to attack … If you have a male APBT, It’s important to have him neutered. They can be aggressive toward other dogs- I have fostered and rehomed around a hundred of them- some puppies- to all other ages. Four years ago I became a guardian of an American Pit Bull Terrier. Working for the SPCA, I seldom encounter a purebred of any of the above breeds and don't usually attempt to differentiate. The media also complicates the issue by reporting on dogs that may or may not have been American Pit Bull Terriers to begin with due to the high level of misidentification by people. When working with any breed of dog, you should always consult a professional. They are known to turn on other dogs and animals even ones that they are raised with. The other two don't need to ask, because they KNOW. However - they can be more aggressive toward dogs than a lot of breeds. A situation like this, is not a breed problem but could stem from lack of socialization, or from bad experiences with humans. It also seems like whenever there is a dog attack reported in the news, it’s a Pit Bull, or probably more accurately a dog that has been misidentified. Before asking “Are Pit Bulls naturally aggressive?” Maybe we should ask if an American Pit Bull Terrier’s environment or how she’s treated could affect her behavior. With a significant portion of fatal pit bull attacks where the victim is the innocent child, relative, or female companion of the dog owner — there was absolutely no prior indication of the pit bull being aggressive — no prior attacks, no prior bites, and on the date of the fatal attack, no growling/barking or other behavioral precursors of the pending attack. The life of a canine isn’t easy. One time, my aunt’s pit bull shredded an umbrella to pieces. There are over one hundred years of breeding to make the ultimate fighting dog. Its current image will change as breeders and rescue organizations act scrupulously to improve the temperments of the dogs they produce and pass on. Are Pit Bulls naturally aggressive? Most American Pit Bull Terriers these days are not bred for fighting, and due to the mixture of geans, the temperament of the individual dog is probably more important. In fact, the UKC's official breed standard for the American Pit Bull Terrier states that "most APBTs exhibit some level of dog aggression." JAFCO Comfortable Dog Muzzles, Hard Plastic & Soft Flexible Versions, Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle, Comfortable Basket Muzzle, BULK Bully Sticks Dog Chews - Free Range, All Natural, Walk Your Dog With Love, No-Pull Front-Attachment Harness. The general public still seems not to understand that aggression toward humans and aggression toward dogs are two distinct problems. Pit bulls, the researchers found, were not significantly more aggressive than other breeds toward strangers and their owners. " So if you’re looking for a loyal and affectionate dog, the first place to look is your local shelter. - by Shane Windatt. Breeders successfully addressed temperment and now it's a non-issue with the general public. They are known to turn on other dogs and animals, even ones that they are raised with. When we look at breed rankings for aggression, we are as likely to find the cocker spaniel or beagle heading the list as any of the bully breeds. American Staffordshire Terrier vs PitBull-Difference Revealed? Pit bulls are balanced, attentive, loyal and intelligent. It is uncommon for a Pit Bull to be overly shy. Leading pit bull education websites warn pit bull owners to, "Never trust your pit bull … Up to 25% Off! Let’s dive in together and look into the research and try to come to our own opinion about Pit Bulls and aggression. Any dog can have fear issues and will display in a similar fashion. Whenever you hear a news story about a dog attack how often is it about an APBT? These dogs became more aggressive than most breeds. One of the fundamental reasons why dogs might become aggressive is because of prior abuse or mental trauma. It's certainly not universally true; I'm fostering a pit bull right now who's very good with other dogs, and I've known plenty of others who were similarly reliable. Almost every time? Dog trainer, dog walker, veterinarian, breeder or dog groomer? She outlines the ways that available data is flawed, both in regard to tracking the number of dog bites that occur and the breeds responsible. But aggressive to whom? Pit Bull Attacks. Hi, I’m Shawn. To others, they are victims of prejudice and misunderstanding. Violently. There is a debate that has been going on for quite some time between APBT guardians and those that want to see them banned. Fear is a strong motivation, and like humans, if APBTs think that there is something to fear they may strike in what they perceive as a threat. Although dog aggressive Pit Bull puppies are a favorite for dog fighting, these same dogs show little aggression around humans. If you breed APBT’s with other Pit Bulls that have been trained for cart pulling, after a while, you’re going to have a breed of American Pit Bull Terrier that is predisposed to pull carts. I now want to share my experiences and things that I’ve learned. Pit bulls are generally known to have dog aggression, ie be aggressive toward other dogs. Easy Walk Harness Dog Harness: Stops Dog Pulling! It can be dangerous to generalize about "pit bulls", since this term means different things to different people. A correct Pit Bull will never be aggressive with people. With most APBTs that are fearful they will retreat if given enough room. Pit Bulls are considered to be dog aggressive. Drug dealers and other unsavory elements will choose another breed to wear on their arms, probably something much bigger and more dangerous than the stubby, naturally human-friendly dog they have been using. Is it good? Do not rough house with pit bulls. However, the concern that pit bulls are aggressive toward other dogs can't be easily dismissed. They were actually bred specifically so that a handler/owner could grab them during a fight in the pit, without being bitten/snapped at. Easier said than done. Learn more or sign up! No traits in this selection are “cool” or neutral. It's this third group that asks the questions. The story of them being the most dangerous dogs in the world is a legend. Even though the evil of dog fighting is still a problem, it’s not legal or accepted as it was. The small, easy-going and dear ones often get adopted. Ratts were a common animal used for this. pit bulls have a very physical way of playing with other dogs which typically involves a lot of body slamming. These fighting dogs are friendlier to people than to other dogs. The truth remains that American Pit Bull Terriers can be dog aggressive due to their dog fighting history. I'm optimistic about the longer term outlook for the pit bull. Due to selective breeding for the purposes of dogfighting, pit bulls are highly dog-aggressive. I can honestly say that I hear about other breeds attacking humans next to never. In dog fighting circles, any dog who turned on humans was destroyed, and certainly not kept in the breeding pool. Line-bred dogs show line-bred traits The truth remains that American Pit Bull Terriers can be dog aggressive due to their dog fighting history. Pit bulls are natural hunters. But while dog aggression may be normal in pit bulls, that doesn't mean it can't become a … And they will, or the breed bans will continue. According to the pit bull Central website, "pit bull" is NOT a breed. Another problem that can occur with American Pit Bull Terriers, or any dog, is dominance aggression. If the APBT believes she is in a higher status than another family member, the dog may lash out. Pit bulls are considered, however, to be dog aggressive. Born and raised in shelters or by breeders, the dogs grow up without love or affection. Naturally, people are afraid of this type of dog with its broad shoulders, wide chest, and wedge-like head. Other pit bulls were specifically bred for work and companionship. Reasons why pit bulls turn aggressive. Are Pit Bulls Naturally Aggressive Toward Other Dogs. Pit Bulls are energetic dogs that love spending time with their families. It seems like the folks in the media are not asking questions about American Pitt Bull aggression, but are more concerned with the trend of APBT bashing. The logical thing to do to find answers would be to look for statistics. Once in a while, you will hear a story like the pack of Dachshund mixes killing a person, but stories like that, though horrifying, are few are far between. To some, they are canine killers that should be banned. The American Pit Bull Terrier was bred to be a fighting dog. Is it bad?…. For more information on pit bulls, check out this excellent website: I would bet that attacks from all sorts of breeds and mutts happen at a frequency that would end up making boring news as it’s not the sensationalism that the media is looking for. How often do you hear stories about other breeds attacking people? The American Pit Bull Terrier was bred as a fighting dog. We should all realize that the media can't be relied on to present a balanced picture. As far as the general public goes, there seems to be three schools of thought on the subject. Pitbulls sind gemeinhin aggressiver und beißfreudiger als andere Hunde, heißt es. Any good Pit Bull owner will agree. One contingent believes that pit bulls are very dangerous and unpredictable dogs that should be eliminated from the face of the earth. Like cancer and diabetes are two different diseases; you can have both, but having diabetes doesn't mean you're more likely to have cancer. As expected, most people and dogs for that manner would have the same sort of reactions. A "pit bull attack" just sounds more dramatic than a "chihuahua attack", and so one will be seen on the TV news while the other is known only to the people directly involved. Female American Pit Bull Terriers can sometimes becomes aggressive if they are in heat, so spaying is essential. Dog agression in the pitbull is normal and should not be viewed as a fault or a problem. Pawsitive Spin Dog Training and Boarding Male dogs, just not American Pit Bull Terriers can have possible aggression issues avoid or reduced if neutered at the appropriate age. And they are just the right height and weight to connect with your lower leg in a way that will knock it out from under you. Remember in the 70's when Dobermans were considered to be vicious dogs? Counter-Narrative Fact. With expert help and a case by case outlook, you will be on your way in understanding your American Pit Bull Terrier and the best way to approach her needs. They do not show a bit more or less aggressive than other dog breeds towards their owners and strangers as such. So you may say, “that’s fine and everything, but how do these Pit Bulls become aggressive toward people. The third suspects that there may be something about pit bulls to be wary about, but stops short of condemning the whole breed because they've had mixed experiences or not enough to generalize. That is why many reputable organizations (for example BadRap) recommend not letting them off the leash at dog parks.Of course, some pit bulls are okay off-leash, but dog aggression is a general trait in the breed. Often times, this can lead to aggression issues no matter how much you socialize your dog. An American Pit Bull Terrier is a very strong and imposing figure. © 2003 - 2018 Pet Expertise, LLC: Positive Dog Training Supplies & Articles, Are Pit Bulls Aggressive? If you're interested in understanding the issue, look up a copy of "Dogs Bite" by Janis Bradley. Does it refer to American pit bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, or any dog with a short coat and a blocky head that isn't a Rottweiler? On the other hand, pit bulls have been responsible for more than half of my knee injuries, which have been numerous. And even those pit bulls bred to fight other animals were not prone to aggressiveness toward people. Experts attribute this negative trait to years of interbreeding the most aggressive dogs for dog fighting. The UKC even recognizes a certain level of dog aggressiveness in American Pit Bull Terriers but does not accept viciousness. We have also seen Pit Bulls behave great with other dogs for years and then suddenly turn. They are mixed with other gentle breeds and the outcomes are definitely highly adorable dog breeds. By starting socialization early, the APBT will no its place in the family group and will be more than happy to take the last spot with loving “Alphas” above her. This isn't … This aggression is not limited to dogs; pit bulls frequently kill other companion pets and domesticated animals. That is not being denied. The cycle builds upon itself as news agencies publicize the “Pit bull attacks.” The Pit bull may deserve the title as most dangerous dog, but is likely not that much more dangerous than the Rottweiler if any. Experts attribute this negative trait to years of interbreeding the most aggressive dogs for dog fighting. Like any breed of dog, there is a lot that effects a dogs behavior and temperament. Many of my clients who are Pit Bull owners … Dogs used for fightin… Pit Bulls Tend to be Dog Aggressive. There were many people watching this dog blood sport, and an owner did not want to risk his profits on a dog that was going to bite people. Sources:, If you're considering owning a Pit Bull for the first time, you need to ask…, Today we're examining the American Pit Bull Terrier Temperament. The dog lives in a family group and wants to know it’s pecking order. A second believes that bad owners or negative early experiences are to blame for aggressive incidents, which are overblown by the news media. A vet will be able to analyze the dog’s state of health and rule out … It truly is not their fault; it’s simply human error. In some cases, the American Pit Bull Terrier may be fearful but go into a defensive mode when scared and do a “preemptive strike.” The question here is not “Are Pit Bulls naturally aggressive?” the question is what can be done to help this fearful APBT. Think you can identify a pit bull? Himalayan Dog Chews - Chew Treat Made of Yak Milk, Bulk Too! Shane Windatt, CTC, CPDT Pit bulls are aggressive chewers. The American Pit Bull Terrier is reported in the media as dangerous, but are Pit Bulls naturally aggressive? (250) 559-8807. Do not rough house with pit bulls. When people ask if Pit Bulls are aggressive, They’re usually referring to if they’re naturally aggressive toward humans. If a dog bit someone, they were usually killed, thus removing that trait from passing on. American Pit Bull Terriers were bred at one time to be fighting dogs. Pit Bulls are considered to be dog aggressive. A bait dog was usually another dog who was losing fights or was purposely brought in for the sole purpose of being a sparring partner that was no real threat to the main fighting dog. The only situation when Pit Bulls can be aggressive is with other dogs. Most pit bulls usually have a robust experience. It is true that an APBT may exhibit some aggression to other dogs, but it was never bred to be aggressive toward humans. There is a lot that can be said about an APBT or any breed for that matter. That’s something that does not go away 100% out of all APBT lines. It is not a guardian breed, and therefore should not display suspicion towards strangers or view them as potential threats. If you are considering adopting or getting an American Pit Bull Terrier puppy, and are wondering about “APBT aggresion”, It would be prudent on your part to do research on the breed and the individual APBT or its parents. So it makes sense that pit bulls should be less aggressive toward people than the average dog, and indeed some studies do indicate this to be the case. The pit bull is an innately aggressive breed, often owned by someone who wants an aggressive dog, so they're going to encourage it." It doesnt mean that they cant be around other dogs or that theyre unpredictably aggressive. Freedom Harness, No-Pull Dog Harness: Multi-Use, Velvet Lining! Are PitBulls More Aggressive Than Other Dogs? It's a generic term often used to describe all dogs with similar traits and characteristics known to the public as "pit bulls." It’s not a breed problem. Fear is not a breed trait. Antler Dog Chews | Natural Whole Antlers for Dogs. The Pit Bull has been bred for centuries to be a human-friendly dog. According to a five-year review of dog bite injuries, 51% of attacks came from pit bulls. Test yourself! According to the AKC: "It must be noted that dog aggression can develop even in well-socialized Am Staffs; an AmStaff should never under any circumstances be left alone with other dogs." So it makes sense that pit bulls should be less aggressive toward people than the average dog, and indeed some studies do indicate this to be the case. When was the last time you heard about a Doberman attack? The "sport" of dog fighting may not disappear, but it will stay in the shadows, and fighting lines will become more distinct from pet and show stock. The American Pit Bull Terrier is reported in the media as dangerous, but are Pit Bulls naturally aggressive? This characteristic could be recessive from a ratting type ancestry, or possibly from a line that had bait dogs used for fight training. We have destroyed this breed. An APBT that is fearful may lash out if he’s backed into a corner or has had a previous bad experience with people. They need proper training and grooming. Are Pit Bulls Good For First Time Owners? Therefore, if your pit bull presents any sudden behavioral alteration , do not hesitate to go to your veterinarian immediately.

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