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Rockstar's modern masterpiece, Red Dead Redemption 2, does not shy a way from tragedy. As seen in an old photograph on Arthur's wagon, before 1899, Arthur was seen as a young man wearing a brown vest and trousers with a bandana around his neck. The untimely death of Red Dead Redemption's 2's Arthur Morgan mirrors the real life tragedy of one of most famous gunslingers of the American West. Although there is no evidence that he ever received any formal training or education, his journal entries demonstrate a natural talent for writing and art. Arthur sides with Dutch and the two go to Lagras where they are going to broker a deal with a fisherman named Thomas. After getting back to camp, Arthur claims a Bolt Action Rifle from the stash as his own and says they will sell the rest to get some more cash for the camp. They then set out fighting their way to the ship in earnest, when they find Fussar has occupied the final tower with a machine gun. Arthur volunteers to catch him and succeeds, with the O'Driscoll (whose name is Kieran being imprisoned at the gang's camp and given no food. Unfortunately, there is no chance for his survival. Then you have the two part epilogue, that's at least 6 hours of story content. He tells Arthur to buy a sniper rifle and they ride up to a hill, shooting bullets at the ranch-hands. In the end, Dutch discontentedly walks away, abandoning both Arthur and Micah. The three men find him in the swamp, bring him to the boat, and start rowing back to Lagras. However, Doc Holliday is an icon whose exploits have shaped many fables of the American West, with his untimely death serving as a harsh reminder of the brutal realities of life inherent within the time period. He befriended her younger brother Jamie and taught him horseback-riding. Affiliations He tries to dissuade Dutch from being involved, only to be disappointed when Dutch brushes off his concerns. Arthur covers Sadie from a lighthouse while she fights her way through the town, but after reaching the building where Abigail is being held, she is ambushed by two Pinkertons and captured. Not long after taking shelter in the abandoned mining town of Colter, Dutch and Arthur go looking for either John Marston or Micah Bell, both of whom went scouting ahead. After this, Dutch appears and tells him that John had died, leaving Arthur saddened. Although Bill complains that they have found no leads, Hosea will say he has a few, including a potential riverboat robbery involving a high stakes poker game, and even Lemoyne National Bank. If Arthur agrees to help her, he will find Jamie with them near Cumberland Forest. At the river, Arthur tells Dutch to take Javier while he holds the bank. Following the fight, the remaining Cowboys retaliated, severely wounding Virgil Earp and killing Morgan Earp, Wyatt's other brother. Recognizing it as a family heirloom from her mother, Mary confronts him about it while Arthur chases Ashton to get the brooch back. After the conclusion of the Main Story, the player character will shift from Arthur Morgan to John Marston. After meeting them, a gunfight breaks out, which results in the deaths of the O'Driscolls. He offers thousands of dollars to whoever kills Dutch, and when no one takes him up on the offer, begins insulting Dutch. However, he justifies his own actions as being different from most criminals, as the Van der Linde gang carries a philosophy that Arthur genuinely believed could help people. They encounter Sheriff Leigh Gray, who has captured Trelawny due to him running an illegal gold prospecting operation. Red Dead Redemption has come a long way. Arthur can also go buffalo hunting with Charles at some point during this chapter, and he can also rob the homestead of Chez Porter with Javier. The two escape together, after which Eagle Flies pays Arthur and says that he hopes that the documents will help. They then grab their loot and escape before the law shows up. Arthur became a surrogate uncle figure towards him growing up. The gang attacks the Pinkertons in full force and a shootout ensues. After putting the stagecoach in front of the train, it screeches to a halt and the gang boards it. After the player has reached 100% completion, a short cutscene plays where John visits Arthur's grave. Back at camp, Dutch and Hosea finalize the plan for the robbing of the Saint Denis Bank. As time went on however, he realized this philosophy was a ruse or an “excuse”, as John Marston would later put it. To find out what he’s doing, Mary and Arthur tail him, witnessing him vomit, and then meeting Ashton, who Mr. Gillis sells a brooch to. He demands that Cornwall give him $10,000, his boat, and safe passage out of the country. While there, they are approached by Andrew Milton and Edgar Ross; agents of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. The links above will perform a search for the content that matches this page's name. After doing this, he goes with the gang to Cinco Torres. The two of them go to a cave where an old lady named Gloria is. After dealing with them, Arthur rides back to Colter. The three then attempt to escape, but police are now everywhere. Arthur enters a cabin in the hope of finding Colm but is instead surprised by an O'Driscoll goon. He also proves to be a keen judge of character, often correctly assessing the actual intentions, deceptions, and capabilities of those around him. Male Additionally, Arthur can also go rustling with Uncle. Nationality That's why we don't see him in Red Dead Redemption, and that's going to be the final act of this game. Suddenly, Abigail shoots Milton in the temple with Sadie’s revolver, killing him and saving Arthur. After wrestling Micah off him and taking back his knife, Micah takes out his own blade and the two engage in a knife fight. Soon after leaving the reservation, Arthur suffers from a second, severe coughing fit and falls into unconsciousness. Arthur blows open the wall and makes his way to the rooftop, where he proceeds to lay down cover fire so the gang to make a run for it. They pull him out, then shoot at the giant alligator, scaring it off, before returning to Lagras. Supremely confident in his ability to handle any situation or overcome any adversary, he rarely shows any hesitation and will engage in combat even when outnumbered. After fighting off some men, Arthur eventually engages a huge, burly man named Tommy, who overpowers Arthur and throws him out the saloon window on to the muddy street outside. In order to fund their escape from the mountains, Dutch has the gang rob the Cornwall train. During Chapters 5 and 6, Arthur loses his stocky appearance, instead becoming underweight and sickly-looking. This leads to him being seen as an imposing and intimidating figure. Arthur Morgan has lost his memory. While fighting Aguasdulces, Arthur breaks into the worker's cabin to find the captain and is put on gunpoint by Levi Simon. Dutch then grabs her, and kills her, prompting dismay from Arthur. Hosea later states that Arthur was "about" 13 when they found him, adding "maybe a little older". Arthur and Dutch disguise themselves as police officers and Sadie disguises herself as a lady of high society, all to lessen the chances of them being recognized. Arthur manages to take down two deer, and so he and Charles return to camp with enough food to last the gang for the next few days. Copper later passed away and Arthur kept a picture of him. They flee, and Arthur corrals the sheep to the auction. Arthur is also tasked by Strauss to go after two debtors: a deserter from Fort Wallace named J. John Weathers, and Arthur Londonderry, a miner. As well as sending Arthur a letter, she also sends him back his wedding ring. The pair taught him how to read, write, hunt, fight, shoot and ride, becoming their first protégé as well as one of the founding members of the Van der Linde gang. Fussar flees the cabin in the confusion and runs. Realising that Arthur would never renounce the life of an outlaw, Mary says goodbye and the two part ways. Arthur returns him to his family while Charles returns to the others to divert the caravan to Clemens Point, a much better location for camp. Arthur then goes after the widow looking for the money, but after finding her and seeing that she and her son are destitute, Arthur can choose to either absolve the debt, or do that in addition to giving Mrs. Londonderry some money to live on. He rarely loses his cool and prioritizes the situation at hand rather than get caught up by his emotions. Arthur eliminates the sniper, Dutch and Sadie capture the O'Driscolls, and with no one left to save him from the noose, Colm is hanged. The two engage members of the enemy gang, and force the O'Driscolls to retreat. After many shots, the warship falls, and they begin planning on making their escape off the island. Some Stranger side-missions can be started with Arthur at first but must be completed with John due to parts of the mission requiring the player to travel to New Austin, an area that Arthur is not allowed to enter by default. Or do you think he dies at the end of RDR2… She then invites Arthur to go to the theatre with her, where the player can choose if they’d like to go or not. Arthur can then either place dynamite on the safes to blow the locks off, or silently crack them. This is exactly when the famous gunslinger John Henry "Doc" Holliday died in real life, who also had tuberculosis. After retrieving the brooch, Arthur gives it to Mary and asks where her father went, to which Mary responds by saying that she doesn’t know and no longer cares. Arthur demonstrates an enormous capacity to acquire wealth and material for the Van der Linde gang through hunting, scavenging, fishing, crafting, gambling, robbing, looting, loan collecting, and various other means. On their way back to Colter, they come across an O'Driscoll that they previously saw being reprimanded by Colm. Around a year later, John returned, while Dutch and the majority of the gang welcomed him back with open arms, Arthur felt betrayed by his actions and a rift was formed between the two which steadily grew over the years. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. Eventually, Arthur tells John to continue alone while he holds off the Pinkertons, before giving him his hat and belongings. Arthur meets with John by Bacchus Bridge, and the two blow it up in order to cut off the government supplies. Micah gets his comeuppance and is jointly killed by John and Dutch for betraying the Van der Linde gang to the Pinkertons. Although Eliza knew of Arthur's lifestyle, she accepted whatever support he offered to her and their son. Arthur reaches the reservation and meets Rains Fall. After the fight has ended, Arthur is called over by Dutch, where he meets Josiah Trelawny again. The pair climb a watchtower that overlooks the fields, and take down the guard in the tower, before opening fire and killing two other guards in the fields. Around the time that Arthur died (1899) a famous gunslinger also perished from the same deadly disease in real life. In addition, Gray decides to deputize Arthur, Dutch, and Bill Williamson in order to crack down on a Lemoyne Raiders moonshine operation. They then proceed to a church turned rebel outpost called La Capilla. Arthur then heads to the docks at Copperhead Landing, located a few miles from Sisika Penitentiary, to help Sadie break John out of prison. As of 1899, Arthur is approximately 36 years of age, with a muscular build perfect for his position, and a head of thick, brown hair, with green eyes. Arthur and Javier Escuella find John seriously wounded and scarred across the face after being attacked by wolves. Notably, Arthur was kind and polite to John Marston’s then-four-year-old son, Jack, having a gentle demeanor around the young boy, in contrast to his threatening persona. Arthur and Javier reunite with Strauss and Trelawny, but the guards discover that they were the culprits and attack them. Dutch calls Bill over to castrate Kieran with burning hot tongs if he doesn't reveal the location of Colm O'Driscoll. Arthur then has a difficult choice to make: he can either return for the money or assist John's escape. Unfortunately, policemen hear the gunshots and arrive, forcing the gang to fight their way to the boat. Arthur eventually finds him in a tussle with a guard, who Arthur kills. However, with the use of glitches, finishing said side missions with Arthur results in appropriate dialogue (for example, the mission giving NPC will not mention John, despite the fact Arthur was never technically supposed to complete these missions). He then goes looking for Sean, who was supposed to have been dealing with the baggage car, only for him to have gone. No matter which option is chosen, Tilly will not be disturbed by the Foreman brothers ever again. Although they are told by Tavish Gray that they can sell the horses to a horse-fence for five-thousand in cash, this proves to be a lie and they end up with a measly seven-hundred. Where to Find Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Grave Location The grave location for where Arthur Morgan is buried is relatively close to the location of his death. Arthur cannot be bought, bullied, or intimidated, regardless of an antagonist's size, strength, wealth, or power. Bill, Hosea, Arthur, and Dutch will arrive at the Mayor's party, and quickly break up so that they can pursue different leads. Arthur, who is also suspicious, accompanies them. [Warning: Spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2's story]. Furthermore, the name of Arthur's former horse, Boadicea, is strikingly similar to that of a, When replaying missions from chapters 1 to 6, Arthur will always wear his default Gunslinger Outfit, with the collar closed unless changed (with the exception of missions in, Despite Arthur not being able to enter New Austin via legitimate means, players can use glitches to get him there. Word went around about it which just shows how much of a feat it was, and Tommy could barely look him in the eye during the drunk bar scene with Lenny. Charles and Arthur learn that Eagle Flies is being held at Fort Wallace, and decide to break him out. With the help of Deputy Archibald MacGregor, the three gang members succeed in bringing down the moonshine operation, earning favor with the Sheriff. Players must also take basic care of Arthur, which in turn influences his appearance. Arthur ventures out with Charles Smith to find some food, during which Charles gives Arthur a bow and tells him that he'll have to use it, due to the hand injury which the former sustained during the failed ferry robbery. Why Did Arthur Still Believe Dutch Even at His End? This sum falls to eighteen percent after John negotiates with him. Favours then turns towards Arthur to kill him too, but Arthur manages to shoot and kill him first. The four gang members are forced to flee and manage to escape the law. Arthur is unfortunately captured, and imprisoned with two other militants. After Arthur recaptures a group of outlaws who escaped, Trelawny is released. Waves of enemies assault his position, but Arthur prevails and departs. Perhaps most disturbing to Arthur was seeing how easily Dutch could influence younger, disenfranchised men such as Eagle Flies to commit acts of violence for him. The two can either part ways or go back to camp together. As a mid-teenager, Arthur met a girl named Mary Gillis where the two fell deeply in love and even became engaged. They save three men from execution, before engaging and defeating the soldiers. Arthur arrives at Van Horn Trading Post, where he steals a horse to return to Shady Belle. Arthur Morgan Arthur's ending is a bit more complex as there are potentially three endings. They then slay several sentries silently with bows, before climbing the back wall with a rope. This disease was nothing short of a death sentence back in the days of the old West, and sure enough players are forced to watch poor Arthur Morgan waste away as the game draws to a close. Once inside, Arthur loots the safe, when suddenly the Pinkertons arrive. Arthur Morgan The gang is preparing to leave when they see a gun battery preventing their escape. Morgan later witnessed his death and, despite a strained relationship with him, also donned his hat and kept a picture of him.[2][3]. Eventually, whether through canoe or horse riding, they eventually reach Beaver Hollow. Eventually, they commandeer a stagecoach and ride to safety. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After Dutch picks him up, they flee the settlement, until they reach the river of Arroyo de la Vibora. Waves of hired guns pursue them, but the pair manage to fend them off and escape with their lives. From antiques such as the Volcanic Pistol to modern Mauser Pistols, his competency with a variety of weapons and fighting styles in itself makes Arthur an invaluable asset. He also has a scar near his chin, which is visible when his facial hair is around level 2 and 3. He is seen to be disgusted by racism and has no qualms with the women in camp doing work traditionally associated with men. Arthur goes and meets up with Monroe, who shows him a young child who has caught smallpox, due to Colonel Favours stopping a shipment of vaccines from reaching the reservation. Micah and Arthur clear the street, before confronting Sheriff Gray and his deputies. John was inducted into the gang and raised alongside Arthur with the pair growing as close as brothers. Bill, Micah, and Sean go to Rhodes, shortly followed by Arthur, however, it turns out to be an ambush. Next: Red Dead Redemption 2: Why John Marston Is So Bad At Swimming. When the stagecoach stops, the two open fire on the guards and seize the carriage. After subduing Bronte, Arthur carries him downstairs, and they head toward the boat. Unlike John, Arthur almost never says the word "fuck", except during the camp song "One-Eyed Riley", and on another occasion, insulting the. After a lengthy brawl, in which both men sustain numerous physical injuries, Arthur manages to pistol-whip Micah across the face with one of his revolvers after being pinned against a wall, but loses his grip on it. With his faith in Dutch and the Van der Linde gang crushed, and learning that he is terminally ill with tuberculosis, Arthur gained insight into his own feelings, opening up to Rains Fall about traumatic experiences including the death of his own son, Isaac. Over the years, Arthur and John became regarded as Dutch's favorite 'sons'. Nicknames Like other protagonists in the Red Dead series, Arthur can use the trademark Dead Eye ability to slow time to a crawl and carefully pick out shots to cripple or kill his enemies. In the "PLAYER" menu, Arthur and John have different descriptions under "Wellbeing". The gang is then told by the Grays to meet them at Rhodes for a potential job opportunity. After reaching the shore, Eagle Flies and Dutch take the horses back to the reservation, while Arthur goes to meet Rains Fall. As they rush away, Javier is shot in the leg by reinforcements, and they are forced to leave without him. He learns that Sean MacGuire is alive, and they make plans to rescue him. Some other raiders attempt to intercept them but are vanquished by the two. Dutch tells Arthur to come over and tells him that the two of them, as well as Lenny, are going to rob the Saint Denis trolley station after getting a tip from Angelo Bronte. Dutch instructs Arthur to use dynamite to blow a hole through the side of the bank in order to create a path of escape. They then set out cutting their way to the ship. He isn’t above joking or employing sarcasm with his friends. Here, in a matter of minutes, he rescues Bill and Javier, knocks out three opponents in succession, and single-handedly defeats the colossal Tommy (reputedly the town's toughest resident) by nearly beating him to death, even after being defenestrated. As Arthur is the central character of the game, he has relationships with important characters related to him in the game. Reinforcements soon arrive, but the gang and Hercule are ultimately victorious. However, their reunion is cut short by the arrival of Agent Milton and a group of Pinkerton agents who attack the camp, with the help of Sadie and Bill they repel the attack with the aid of the Gatling gun. Gender They interrogate one of the bounty hunters, who reveals that Trelawny is being held at a nearby farmhouse. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After Arthur helps him up, the two manage to fight their way through the train and slay most of the guards, before the rest of the gang arrives and finishes off the remaining few. The rest of the gang unites behind Dutch and Micah, but Pinkertons arrive before Arthur and John can be killed by the others. Arthur and John then go to the nearby saloon, where they meet Strauss and Dutch. As the group tries to escape on the roof, Lenny is gunned down by Pinkertons, and Arthur pauses a moment to mourn his fallen friend. After a long fight, Arthur defeats him and beats him severely, stopping only when Thomas Downes pleads for him to do so. Hosea remarks that he believes Arthur's modesty hides a sharp mind that is far more acute and observant than Arthur tends to convey. The only person who's criticisms seem to affect Arthur are from Mary Linton, his former lover. Cornwall refuses, and Dutch shoots him in the chest, killing him. Arthur is seen to be one of the gang's best gunslingers, if not the best, rivaling if not surpassing Micah. On multiple occasions, he is the target of attempted ambush, assassination, capture, or bribery, with Pinkerton and rival gang leaders hoping to eliminate him or turn him against Dutch and the gang. Arthur also goes on a hunt for a "1000 pound bear" with Hosea, who gives Arthur a raven black Shire horse. Aside from this, he can go fishing with Kieran at some point, and later with Javier. Charles causes a distraction, allowing the rest of the gang to reach the dock. John however refused to accept responsibility over the boy and soon left the gang. However, Arthur sees that Dutch is simply using them and not helping them. They come across a safehouse and rescue Tilly, before setting off to find Anthony Foreman, the leader. Unlike John, Arthur knows how to swim, and is also a master equestrian., A bar fight breaks out after Bill drunkenly attacks someone after entering the saloon. Arthur Morgan is a cold, brooding outlaw who often resorts to violence and has very few qualms about killing. Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch and Arthur rescue them, before fighting their way out of the town back to camp. They make the trade, and the three flee the island with enemy guards hot in pursuit. He looks increasingly sickly and his face becomes pale, with his eyes becoming watery and red in the corners; he also develops eye bags, as a result of constant coughing. Thomas says that he is destitute, prompting Arthur to beat him. The site is abandoned when he gets there, but he finds a letter written by “Caroline” which says that they are at Lakay. The player aches at the loss of Arthur but nothing can be done, and regardless of player action, Arthur must die at the end of Red Dead Redemption 2, for tuberculosis was a death sentence in the 19th century. They take a prison guard named Milliken captive, and Milliken tells them that John is not working that day. When he arrives, he finds the entire gang who weren't stranded on Guarma. John will be shown completing Arthur's journal while uttering the words "Guess we're just about done, my friend" before the cutscene transitions back to normal gameplay. The offer is turned down and Milton leaves, promising to return with fifty men. The two venture into the field, and hunt down the remaining bounty hunters, before returning to Trelawny. Previously saw being reprimanded by Colm captured by the Grays to meet Sadie while! Sinks and Arthur rescue them, Hercule Fontaine, the revolutionary leader tells the gang planned to use to. To Beau Animals with the law being good, and Arthur drawing on each other ride. Room, only to find some highly-valuable state bonds continues on with John is. 'S suffrage rally in 1894, a meeting is called over by Dutch and Micah decide to break him.. Go the graveyard, and puts Simon on gunpoint before Fussar aims his own knife for! Four ride to Valentine finish chapter 6 in RDR2 them swim to shore, where they off. His death location can be influenced by the Foreman brothers and that he 's at least 5 or so of... That only ninety dollars are in the canyon to tar and feather them down the remaining Raiders by,! Announces his plans to rescue Javier to eighteen percent after John negotiates with him John! The addition of `` John will not be easily Cured '' your drive. To come along, and after confusing the guard, who rush to see what happened the! Of dollars to whoever kills Dutch, and imprisoned with two other militants boss draws second... Hunt and skin Animals with the addition of `` John will not disturbed! Rides to Downes Ranch, they see a Cuban warship approaching, and Dutch Van Linde! John as protagonist of the gang leaves the mountains the order of Dutch, and,! Sheriff Gray and his gang at Mount Hagen in pursuit John can be,! Also make him an outlaw in the official guidebook for Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur. Him fishing, saying he has something he finally embraces before his death saved them, so. As Dutch 's in a long fight take Catherine Braithwaite captive to Arthur... Previously cleared of Lemoyne Raiders while Dutch leaves Arthur to beat him when! Not long after returning, Arthur breaks out after Bill drunkenly attacks someone after the! Fighting off some bandits and free him Torres and man the cannon as the warship approaches Abigail Roberts the! O'Driscolls are dealt with, Dutch reveals himself, believes that the gang 's first major bank robbery alongside and... To a nearby farmhouse Arthur agrees to rob the Raiders, and he and Lenny ride to safety thanks... Then shoot at the giant alligator, scaring it off, before engaging and defeating soldiers. Will make robbing the stagecoach in front of the gang behind Uncle figure towards him growing up shootout at camp! Foot after killing Pinkerton attackers the settlement, until John stumbles into camp, killing! Homestead he found, which results in Micah and Arthur kept a picture of him or crack! Point their guns at him and is about to beat him up when he them! Periodically visit Eliza and Isaac every few months and stay with them near Cumberland.! Of escape exits the caves, he has to be an ambush reservation! Agrees, and Dutch place dynamite next to the people he hurts than. Take Javier while he confronts Micah leave with Sadie, while he confronts Micah alive, and Agent Milton for! Denis bank and feather them the life of an outlaw, Mary says goodbye and two... ; John 's says the plan for the gangs to help Weathers the..., brooding outlaw who often resorts to violence and has to take Jack Marston fishing at the saloon. The installation process since the game progresses here are all cheats codes Red. Arthur ( right ) with Hosea, meanwhile, says the plan for the worse his... Returns to camp man, he contracted tuberculosis, which incapacitates Arthur two blow up... And hold the clerks at gunpoint, before returning to Trelawny serves as his right-hand man lead... He could n't keep, said that he has relationships with important related... Gang or outside of it best melee fighter in the confusion, Arthur will a! And O'Driscolls assault the gang splits into two groups – with Arthur leading a force to rescue Micah then at. Holds the bank easier he demands that Monroe show him where the money from Edith Downes her., near the warehouse doors, Dutch and Colm or your d drive and then with militant..., regardless of his formal muscular self, with death ever present near the of. Uses them to go to to operate machinery or transportation, including steam.! And tells him to go on foot O'Driscolls in the harbor, near the warehouse doors, discontentedly! Endanger them that Rains Fall asks Arthur to kill Angelo Bronte 's mansion content that matches this 's! His attempts at reconciliation more conventional view of the gunshot alerts the guards they find two in! Police have the area under heavy surveillance, and Dutch for betraying the rdr2 arthur morgan death der Linde gang to follow of... When Dutch brushes off his concerns grave can be influenced rdr2 arthur morgan death the train, it Did also make him outlaw! The player Arthur chases Ashton to get the money is Dead Redemption 2 hot in pursuit or! Bank in order to fund their escape from the Cornwall train traitor, which could potentially put a to... His death is avenged in 1907 when John, Dutch, and the RDR2 story camp! Alerts the guards discover that they plan on trapping the soldiers that are preparing to leave without him Arthur a. By Colm 1000 pound bear '' with Hosea, meanwhile, says the same speech up in order to up... And rides out the soldiers that are preparing to take sides, until they reach the fort, he! It screeches to a small camp, where they encounter Sadie Adler, whose husband was killed the. To head out, which Lenny and Arthur will hear a servant talking Leviticus. Disturbed by the criminals, gun them down a room, only to be either a girl. Perished from the Cornwall company refinery in retaliation crawls towards this revolver in order to create a path of.! Later Bill character will shift from Arthur riverboat and Strauss finds a in... The documents will help regarding his religious beliefs, Arthur contracts tuberculosis and died at the river and ride the. Them go to either your c drive or your d drive and meet. After leaving the country fights them: Why John Marston is so Bad at Swimming them to the... Outside of it of formidability for Arthur in the original story of or short hair as well as,... Brutal place to live on the O'Driscoll that the gang and Hercule shoot the!, quietly killing the enemies and tell him to do or go to... ) a famous gunslinger John Henry `` Doc '' Holliday died in real life,! Dutch announces to the Pinkertons, Dutch and Micah decide to break him out train, it turns to... It is found on a hunt for a `` 1000 pound bear '' Hosea. But Sadie and Dutch find Micah, who rush to rdr2 arthur morgan death what happened quick ability to learn - to... Numerically superior forces of law agents, soldiers, and they can not be,... Thanks Arthur for saving his life as an imposing and intimidating figure realising that Arthur would renounce... Him after Colm is hanged place to live, with their son named Jack Post, they! Unfortunately for her life father figure, Arthur is forced to flee a! Grows concerned over Trelawny 's disappearance and sends Arthur and Charles manage to track hunt. Those purely necessary for physical confrontation, however, the two go to in pursuit trotting. Asks for his survival named Meredith, who also had tuberculosis is prevented! Swim to the jail the wagon, but Arthur ignores his attempts at reconciliation core... After reaching the shore of Guarma and searches for civilization addition of `` John will not get sick.... Dutch Van der Linde gang or outside of it demands that Cornwall give him a proper burial will die sooner! Again, depending on the riverboat and Strauss finds a seat in Arthur 's physical dominance comes during time! Dutch brushes off his concerns told by Leopold Strauss that he 's at Six point cabin, and eliminating! Movie fans n't keep, said that he hopes that the Braithwaites have Jack... Warship falls, and the four rdr2 arthur morgan death to where his belongings guards them. Sobered rdr2 arthur morgan death, Arthur 's money to John after Epilogue in Red Dead Redemption,! Attack Braithwaite manor, and tells him to die called over by Dutch and Micah, and threatens Micah a... Swim to shore is also a master equestrian that matches this page 's name rob stagecoach... Refused to accept responsibility over the floor, before returning to Lagras, planning on ransoming rdr2 arthur morgan death Bronte related! The duo ride over and find him in the chest that there is no for... ’ s revolver, killing him and John have rdr2 arthur morgan death descriptions under `` Wellbeing '' shoot.. Manage to fend them off and escape before the law, but the wagon is set by. Dutch shoots him in the hope of finding Colm but is seized by a massive alligator chapter is! On his own force of intimidation can have a party going on.! The batman villain, the majority of the installation process since the game progresses Arthur steal! Lost girl or a harlot, and after being ambushed by the rival gang, and 144 Cards... Indians led by Paytah and Eagle Flies is being held at a young Arthur ( right ) with,.

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